BrayGreystones73_1Greystones Sailing Club had its first birth pangs in December 1967 in the home of the late Gordon Clarke, Dermod Cafferkey, John Roy, Toby Davies, Ian Mitchell toyed with the idea of setting up a sailing club in Greystones. The inaugural meeting took place in John Roy’s house and the sailing club was established in 1968.

Initially the sailing was confined to Mirror dinghies launched from a rubber mat rolled out on the shingle on North Beach. Boats were transported to and from the harbour on the tops of cars and were brought home after each race. In 1969 a site was acquired from the Local Civics Association with the help of Liam Byrne and Derek Paine, over the next four years a good strong fence to make a secure dinghy park and a clubhouse were built. Later through consultation with Wicklow County Council and the Civic Association a slipway was built at the Northern breakwater which allowed larger boats to be sailed from Greystones harbour.

During the eighties and nineties there was a strong active fleet of around 25 Enterprise dinghies with Junior members in Lasers and Mirrors. In recent years GSC has seen significant growth and now boasts over 110 boats. There was a record 53 dinghies on the water for the Annual Club Regatta in 2008. The Club has now outgrown its premises with membership of over 350 and three fleets of over 25 boats and some other smaller fleets.

Since those early days in 1968 Greystones Sailing Club has established a reputation for organising National and Regional Championships and has hosted a number of prestige events like the Helmsmen Championships, the Enterprise Leinsters and National Championships, the Mirror National and Eastern Championships, Wayfarer Leinsters and National Championships, Laser Championships, GP 14 Purcell Trophy, 420 National Championships, Minstral Windsurfing Championships, the inaugural RS400 National Championships in 2001 again in 2002 with the inagural RS200 National Championships, both RS classes returned in 2003, 2004, 2005 and more recently in 2010.

Greystones Sailing Club, through the successful running of both Junior (over 100 children 2008) and Adult training courses, has produced some fine Olympian sailors, like Marshall King (1996 Soling), Aisling Bowman nee Byrne (1988 470 & 1996 Europe), Tim Goodbody (2008 Finn). International class sailors include Trevor Fisher, Craig Thompson, Sean Craig, Jack Roy, Roy Van Maanen (Enterprise) and Shane McCarthy (Fireball). In 1988 Marshall King won the Dunhill J24 Match Racing World Championships in Dun Laoghaire, by defeating Jim Brady of the U.S.A.