GSC Junior Training

All GSC Training Courses are ISA accredited and designed to offer tuition with high instructor ratios to optimise learning and experience on the water. Trainees are awarded certificates on the basis of their ability and standard achieved towards the ISA syllabus for each course.

Cara na Mara 2020

To encourage children between the ages of six and nine to come sailing.

Junior Training Courses 2020

Information sheets with notes for parents can be downloaded by clicking on the course reference, A, B, C or Cara na Mara (Courses D and E):

Course Ref Duration Trainees Dates
Course A
Course B
Course C
Course D
Course E

The courses run from 9:30am to 5pm each day. The Club cannot be held responsible for the children’s welfare outside these hours.

We would be grateful if you would adhere to these times and give at least a day’s notice if your child is to be dropped off late or collected early as all participants may be on the water.

For further information please contact:

Aileen Lennon
ISA Training Centre Principal
Greystones Sailing Club
The Harbour